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Published on March 12th, 2014 | by Ben Small


The Black Pale is Meantime’s new limited brew

London’s Meantime Brewing Company is launching a brand new limited edition beer entitled The Black Pale, and it sure as hell looks exciting.

The idea behind it is to take consumer expectations of what a dark-coloured beer should taste like and then turn that completely on its head through having plenty of flavours reminiscent of more pale brews, such as IPAs.

Indeed, the black hue is brought about by a high number of roasted malts, while to taste there is a great deal of punchy, hoppy notes from new world hops typically used to make IPAs.

It has been said 4.5 per cent ABV The Black Pale boasts blackcurrant and blackberry aromas, which is reflected in the purple branding of the beer, and on the palette drinkers can expect liquorice, raisin, caramel and coffee flavours. You can expect a very complex yet well-balanced drinking experience.

“A wonderfully complex and full-bodied beer, The Black Pale is a shining example of our unique modern craft brewing process. By taking traditional recipes and adding a modern twist, we are able to create innovative beer styles that we hope will excite our drinkers,” said Alastair Hook, brewmaster at the Greenwich-based Meantime Brewing Company.

The brewery recommends pairing it with meaty dishes such as spicy sausage and cheeseburgers, as well as recipes boasting mature cheese, such as a four-cheese pizza.

The launch event for The Black Pale is taking place tomorrow (Thursday March 13th) at the Westow House in Crystal Palace.

The beer is one of a number of limited edition brews Meantime is launching this year, and fans of the brewer can expect the likes of Californian Pale Ale, Fool’s Gold and the Spiced Porter to come as well.

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